This article outlines the various website settings, which can be accessed via the Settings tab.

There are two Settings tabs:


You can adjust the following settings in the General tab:

  • Website name: Enter a title for your website here. This will be shown before every page title.
  • Website address: Changing your website address isn't always an option, but there are ways to do this.
  • Favicon: Upload a square image to be used as a so-called 'favicon'. This icon will be shown in your visitors' browsers next to your website name.
  • Website category: This doesn't affect the content on your website.
  • Language: Indicate your website's language from our many supported languages. Standard words and sentences on your website will be translated to the language you select.
  • Mobile bar: The mobile bar gives your visitors an easy way to contact you.
  • Search bar: Enable this option to add a search bar so visitors can search your website.
  • Cookie notice: Optionally set a cookie notice that your visitors will see and be required to accept.
  • Offline mode: Your website is online by default. Disable this option to take your website offline temporarily. You can add a notice to let your visitors know when you'll be back, or provide access with a password.
  • Top bar: Enable this option to add a bar to the top of your website where you can enter, for example, unique selling propositions (USPs) 
  • Button in menu: Add a call-to-action button to your website's menu (e.g. "Contact us" or "Buy now").


You can adjust the following settings in the Advanced tab:

  • Redirects: Set a redirect from an old website address to a new one.
  • Breadcrumbs on sub-pages: Breadcrumbs let your visitors see exactly how a particular subpage is accessed from the homepage, e.g. Home -> Page -> Sub-page
  • HTML in HEAD tag: Add meta tags here, e.g. your search keywords (advanced)
  • Link to Google Search Console: Add your website to Google Search Console and track how well it performs in search engine results.
  • Link Google Analytics: Link your website to Google Analytics for more insight into how visitors use your website.

Don't forget to save your changes!

 Tip: Enable the Offline mode option and customize what visitors see when your website is temporarily offline, e.g. a notice stating that your website is undergoing maintenance and will be online again soon.