This article outlines the various website settings, which can be accessed via the Settings tab.

There are seven Settings categories:


  • Website name: Enter a title for your website here. This will be shown before every page title.
  • Website address: Changing your website address isn't always an option, but there are ways to do this.
  • Favicon: Upload a square image to be used as a so-called 'favicon'. This icon will be shown in your visitors' browsers next to your website name.
  • Website category: This doesn't affect the content on your website.
  • Language: Indicate your website's language from our many supported languages. Standard words and sentences on your website will be translated to the language you select.
  • Mobile bar: The mobile bar gives your visitors an easy way to contact you.
  • Search bar: Enable this option to add a search bar so visitors can search your website.
  • Cookie notice: Optionally set a cookie notice that your visitors will see and be required to accept.
  • Offline mode: Your website is online by default. Disable this option to take your website offline temporarily. You can add a notice to let your visitors know when you'll be back, or provide access with a password.
  • Top bar: Enable this option to add a bar to the top of your website where you can enter, for example, unique selling propositions (USPs) 
  • Button in menu: Add a call-to-action button to your website's menu (e.g. "Contact us" or "Buy now").


On this page you can view and manage who has access to your website, namely editors and co-owners. You can also see which pages and functionalities contributors have access to. Read more about contributors in this article.

Domain names

Any active domain names you've registered will be displayed on this page. You can also click on the My subscription link to manage your domain name(s).


Any mailboxes or forwarding addresses you've set up will be displayed on this page. You can also see how full your mailboxes are. Click on the My subscription link to manage your mailboxes.

Business listings

On this page you can create and manage a business listing on Google.


Go to this page to view and manage SEO settings for your pages, products, and blog posts.


  • Redirects: Set a redirect from an old website address to a new one.
  • Breadcrumbs on sub-pages: Breadcrumbs let your visitors see exactly how a particular subpage is accessed from the homepage, e.g. Home -> Page -> Sub-page
  • HTML in HEAD tag: Add meta tags here, e.g. your search keywords (advanced)
  • Link to Google Search Console: Add your website to Google Search Console and track how well it performs in search engine results.
  • Link Google Analytics: Link your website to Google Analytics for more insight into how visitors use your website.

Don't forget to save your changes!

 Tip: Enable the Offline mode option and customize what visitors see when your website is temporarily offline, e.g. a notice stating that your website is undergoing maintenance and will be online again soon.