Webador records statistics for your website(s). If you'd like more insight into user behavior, you can link a Google Analytics account to your website.

Step 1

Each website must have a unique Google Analytics property to which data can be sent. Read Google's user guide to find out how to do this.

Step 2

If you sell goods or services via your website, you can also record relevant statistics and profits with Google Analytics. To do this, enable Enhanced E-commerce in Google Analytics.

Step 3

To link Google Analytics, log in to Webador's Editor and go to Settings

Click on Advanced.

Step 4

Enable the Link Google Analytics feature.

Step 5

Enter the tracking ID of your Google Analytics property and click on Save.

Your visitors' user behavior, such as page visits and clicks, will now be recorded and sent to your Google Analytics property.

 Warning: It may take a while before this data becomes available in Google Analytics.