A business listing can help ensure your website is more easily found via Google. You can use your Google account to set up a listing.

Step 1

In the Editor, go to the Settings tab.

Step 2

In the Settings overview (or in the menu on the left), click on Business listings.

Step 3

Click on the Connect to Google My Business button to get started.

Step 4

Log in to your Google account and click on Allow to grant Webador access to your Google My Business account.

Step 5

Your Google account is now linked. Click on Continue and enter your business information.

⚠  Note: If you've already created a business listing with your Google account, you won't be able to create a new business listing via Webador. You can make changes to your listing via your Google account.

Step 6

Once all your details have been entered correctly, click on Create Business Listing .

Step 7

When you've finished creating the listing, it has to be verified by Google. Click on Request Verification . 

Step 8

You'll now be taken back to your Google account, where you'll see your newly-created business listing. Click on Get verified and follow the verification steps. Note that verification may take a while to process.

Step 9

Click on Finish to publish your business listing.

⚠  Note: If you want to change any of the data in your listing, you can do so via your Google account. It's not possible to make changes via Webador.