You're almost ready to start promoting your website! In this article, we'll explain some additional options for your online store.

Think about the terms and conditions, your own domain, findability, how you can create and set up promotions and finally the seal of approval that you can add to your shop. 

Communicate important info to your customers

Before publishing your site, as an online store owner you'll want to make sure your visitors are up to speed on things like your general terms and conditions, delivery times, shipping costs, returns, and warranty. You can easily make this information readily available by adding links to the relevant pages in your store's footer.

The bottom section of your website is known as a footer. This section has a different color in most designs, making it easily recognizable. Information you place in the footer should be the type of information you want to make visible on every page, such as contact information, terms and conditions, and social media buttons.

Want to set up your online store's footer? Follow the steps in this article: Add a footer to your website

Tip: Ask customers to agree to terms and conditions

Once you've created a terms and conditions page. you can also require that customers agree to these terms before placing an order in your online store. To do this, go to the Store > Checkout form. By default, the Terms and conditions option is disabled. Click on this option and select the page that contains your terms and conditions.

When you've enabled the terms and conditions page, your customers will see the below message before they can place an order in your store.

 Tip: Make it easy for customers to place orders by giving them the option to create an account on your online store.

Register your domain name

Naturally, most store owners want to launch their online store with their own custom domain name. Webador's Lite, Pro and Business plans include a free domain name, and registering a domain only takes a few minutes.

Have you already registered a domain elsewhere? You can transfer a domain you already own to Webador, or link it.

Increase your findability

Once your website's online, you'll want to make sure it's easy to find via search engines such as Google. Patience is key here. A brand new store won't immediately rank high in search results.

From a technical point of view, we'll make sure your website can be easily included in search engine results. For example, we automatically create a sitemap and ensure that your website is optimized for mobile devices - both very important elements of a search engine-friendly website. 

There are also a number of things you can do to increase your website's findability. Check out this article about ranking higher in Google to learn more. We've also rounded up some tips and tricks on making your website content search-engine friendly and improving your online reputation.



You can set up promotional campaigns using our coupons, for example to celebrate the launch of your online store with your customers. To do this, go to the Store > Coupons. Click on the blue + Add coupon button to create a new coupon.

In the Add coupon dialog, as shown above, enter the details of your new coupon:

  • Discount code: This is where you type the code itself, the same code your customers will enter at the checkout stage to apply the discount.
  • Duration: Enter the time period you want the discount to be available for. You can also check the Ongoing box, which means the discount has no end date. In other words, the discount code is available indefinitely.
  • Coupon type: Select the type of discount. There are three options:
    • Percentage discount on total amount: This means that, for example, the customer receives a 20% discount on the total amount of their order.
    • Fixed amount discount on a total amount: This means that the customer receives a certain amount (e.g. $10) off the total amount of their order.
    • Free shipping: With this type of discount code, the customer will not pay any shipping costs for their order.
  • Criteria: You can opt to make the discount available for all orders, or only for orders with a total above a minimum amount.
  • Valid for: Set up which products the discount applies to. There are three options:
    • All products: This means that the discount is valid for all products in your online store.
    • All products, except the products I select: Make the discount valid for almost all products, except the products you select. This is useful if you want to exclude certain products from the discount.
    • Only the products I select: Make the discount valid for some products. This is useful if, for example, you want to offer a discount on a product category or products of a certain brand.
  • Comment: Shown with the info icon next to the discount coupon in the shopping cart.

 Tip: Give your customers extra value by creating a coupon for free shipping on orders above a minimum amount.

Discounted products

To give certain products more visibility, you can discount the price. To do this, go to the Store > Products, then click on the product you want to discount. Enter the new price under Price and availability, in the Discount price field, as shown below.

Once you've added a discount to a product, it will appear in your store like this: