If you already have a domain name registered elsewhere, and you want to switch to Webador, you can transfer your domain name to us. Our Lite, Pro, and Business plans include the option to use your own domain name, so you must purchase one of these plans before transferring your existing domain name.

Once you have a Lite, Pro, or Business plan, follow the steps below to transfer your domain name to Webador.

Step 1

In the Editor, click on the Webador logo in the top left corner.

Step 2

Click on My subscription.

Step 3

In the Domains box, click on the blue + Register domain or + Extra domain button.

Step 4

Enter the domain name you want to transfer and click on the Transfer to Webador link.

Step 5

Enter the transfer code (EPP code, token) for your domain name in the field provided. You can request a transfer code from your current provider (usually an automatic option in the control panel).

Exception: in case of a .co.uk or .uk domain, you'll need to start the transfer on our side and then ask your current domain provider to change the IPS tag to REGISTRAR-EU

Step 6

Your domain name is now being transferred! We'll send you a confirmation email when the transfer is complete.

Once your domain name has been transferred, you can cancel your subscription with your old provider. Your domain name is now included in your Webador Lite, Pro, or Business plan!

I can't find my transfer code

Having trouble finding your transfer code? Some providers use other terminology for transfer codes, such as:

  • Token
  • Transfer token
  • Auth code
  • Authorization code
  • EPP code

I want to keep my domain name with my current provider

No problem! You can link your domain name to Webador. However, we recommend transferring your domain name, instead of linking it, to avoid paying double the costs.

My domain name was registered less than 60 days ago

A .com, .org, .net, or .info domain name must be registered for at least 60 days before it can be transferred. If your domain name has one of these extensions, we cannot facilitate a transfer until 60 days have passed since registration. If you want to start using your domain name before that time, read our help center article on how to link your domain name to Webador.

If you do opt to link your domain name, you can always transfer it later once the 60 days is up.