You can give your customers the option of creating an account on your webshop by enabling the account system feature. Creating an account makes it easier for your customers to place future orders and view their order history.

Enabling the Account system

Go to the Webshop tab. In the menu on the left, click on Checkout form.

The default option under Account system is No registration, which means your customers are currently not being asked if they want to create an account. Choose another option to enable the account system:

  • Optional registration: Your customers will be prompted to create an account, which they can accept or refuse.
  • Registration required: Your customers will be required to create an account before placing an order.

Creating an account

Once you've completed the steps above, your customers will be able to create an account on your webshop. Upon placing an order, customers will be prompted to either create an account or log in.

Managing customers

As the webshop administrator, you have access to an overview of customers who have placed an order via your webshop. 

Go to the Webshop tab and click on Customers in the menu on the left.

There are three different Account statuses:

  • Without an account: Customers with this status have placed an order without creating an account (if the option is available).
  • Verified: Customers with this status have created an account and verified their email address.
  • Not verified: Customers with this status have created an account but have not yet verified their email address.

Click on a customer's name to see more information such as Order history, Placed orders, and Order statuses.

You can also delete customer accounts here.

Logging in via the webshop

Your customers can log into their accounts via your webshop, which will give them access to their order history and allow them to edit their personal information.

Customers with an account can also:

  • View order details for every order they place
  • See the status of each order (pending, paid, shipped)
  • Download invoices
  • View Track & Trace info