A footer is a section at the bottom of your website that helps customers navigate and easily find the information they need. If you run a webshop, your footer can include links to information such as payment methods, shipping costs, delivery terms, return policies, warranty and complaints procedures, and contact details.

Step 1

Go to the Pages tab and add a new page. Give the page a name and select whether you want to display a banner and sidebar.

Step 2

Click on Advanced settings, disable the Show in menu option, and click on Save. Optional: include a Page Title and Description for Google.

Step 3

Add relevant information to the page (see the top of this article), e.g. with the Text and Image elements.

Step 4

Add a Text element to the footer and enter the titles of the pages you want to link to. Select the text you want to add a hyperlink to and click on the Insert/edit link button in the toolbar.

Step 5

Select the page you want to refer to and click on Save.

Step 6

The footer is pinned to every page of your website, so you only need to create it on one page. It will automatically be displayed on every page.

For example, a footer may look like this: