Add a button in the navigation menu

Do you want a button that will link your customers to a certain product, file, page or website from any page of your website? Then you can easily add a button in your navigation menu. 

Step 1

Via the Editor click on Settings > General and scroll down to activate the Button in menu option. 

Step 2

Add your text of choice to appear in the button. Some possibilities could be:

  • "Book now"
  • "Buy now"
  • "Visit now"
  • "Read now"
  • "Download now"

Step 3

Choose where or what your button should link to. This could be a product, another page or website, even a downloadable file or a new blog post.

Don't forget to click Save on both the pop-up window and the Settings page.

And you're finished! Your button will appear on the far right of your navigation menu.

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