The Editor tool will open when you log into Webador and click on your website name. You can use the Editor to add, remove, and edit content on your pages.

How the Editor works

Drag elements from the menu on the left and drop them on the page - it's that simple!

Once you've placed an element on the page, click on it to make changes.


Top left menu bar

  • Click on the preview icon in the top left corner to see a preview of your site
  • Click on the gear icon to change the settings for the current page. You can also do this via the Pages tab
  • Click on the mobile icon to see a preview of how your website will be displayed on mobile devices

The green tick indicates that the most recent changes made to the page have been saved. 

Editing the banner

The banner is the large image at the top of a page. You can enable or disable banners for each page. Click on the Edit button in the middle of the banner to open the banner menu, where you can:

  • Upload an image to use as a banner
  • Add multiple images to play as a slideshow
  • Add text or buttons to the banner
Don't forget to click on Save when you're done.

We also have a video to help you see how you can add or remove a banner, and the options to edit your banner.

Editing the Header text/logo

Click on the Header to make changes. You can insert text and/or a logo image.

Adding pages to your website

To add a new page, go to the Pages tab and click on the + New page button.