You can delete a free Webador website at any time. If your website has a paid subscription, you'll need to cancel the subscription first.

But how do you delete a website?

Step 1

To delete your website, start by logging in.

Step 2

Go to My Account (this can be accessed via the menu at the top of the My Sites page).


Step 3

Click on Delete in the menu on the left. 

Please note, if you click on delete you do not immediately delete your entire account. 

Step 4

On this page you see an overview of your website(s) and which ones you can or cannot delete. Behind the website that can be deleted, you will see a red button with "Delete website". With that button you can delete the website in question.

Note that you can only delete your account once you have deleted all the websites you own.

ℹ️ Important: Deleting a website will also delete all of its content (e.g. images and text). Deleted websites cannot be restored.