Webador’s mobile view functionality meets Google’s standards for mobile sites. If you receive the Fix mobile usability issues error message, first make sure you’ve enabled mobile view on your website.

Follow the steps below to determine the affected URLs:

  1. Go to Google Search Console.
  2. Click on Search Traffic.
  3. Click on Mobile Usability.
  4. Select each Usability error and view the affected URLs.

You can open the affected pages in the Webador Editor and try to locate the design issue that’s causing the error message. If you can locate and fix the issue, the error message should be resolved the next time Google crawls your website. You can request Google re-crawl your website immediately using the URL Inspection Tool.

If you’re unable to locate the issue or can’t resolve it for any reason, please contact our support team and include the specific URLs of the affected pages and a full screenshot.