If a page you’ve submitted for indexing receives a Submitted URL Marked ‘Noindex’ error, this means Google thinks your page should not be indexed in search results.

The ‘no index’ tag is a meta tag that can be added to a page’s HTML code to prevent it being displayed in search results. However, this can also occur when there isn’t a ’noindex’ tag in your page’s HTML code. There are various other possible reasons for this error message to be shown.

If you’re seeing this error, follow the steps below to resolve it:

  1. Make sure the URL was entered correctly when submitted, and that it corresponds with an existing page that doesn’t have a 404 or 5xx error message.
  2. Make sure your website’s pages can be indexed by search engines. You can enable this in the page settings.
  3. Make sure the page isn’t password-protected. You can disable this in the page settings.
  4. Use the URL Inspection Tool to diagnose any potential errors.
  5. Check the date under Last read in the Sitemaps report in Google Search Console. If the date is over a month ago, the error is likely outdated and no longer relevant.
  6. After checking all the above, if the page still isn’t indexed, submit it to Google for indexing by clicking on Request Indexing in the URL Inspection Tool.