Yes! You can add products to a password-protected page so that only customers with the password may view and purchase those products. This is useful if, for example, you want to offer a product at a different price for business customers, or if you want to offer certain products to an exclusive group of customers.

Step 1

Add a new page, then click on Extra settings. Enable the Password protection option, and enter the password you want to use, and a notification that your visitors will see when they try to access the page.

 Tip: Want to use an existing page you've already set up? Simply password-protect it.

Step 2

You'll also need to hide products on this page from Google (if not, they'll appear in Google search results and anyone will be able to place an order). Go to the Online store tab and click on Products.

Step 3

If your page has no products yet, add those first. Click on the product you want to hide and go to the Advanced settings. Disable the Index in Google search results option. This product will no longer show up in search results from search engines or the search function on your website (if enabled).

Step 4

Your page is now password-protected, and you can hide any products you add so they don't appear in Google search results. Any customers you share the password with will be able to access this page and purchase these products.