Building your website with Webador gives you access to all sorts of features and options. However, you may want to use HTML code, for example to embed widgets. To do this, you'll need to use the Embed code element.

Step 1

Go to the Editor.

Step 2

Drag the Embed code element from the left menu and drop it in place on your page.

Step 3

Click on the element, then click on Edit embed and go to the Custom HTML tab.

Step 4

Copy the HTML code you want to use and paste it into the input field - or write your own!

Step 5

Click on Save

 Note: You'll see the text HTML code (only displayed on the website itself). This means you'll need to view your website online to see how it looks with your new HTML code.

 Tip: Want to add HTML code to your website's <HEAD> tag? Read this article to find out how.