The Table element is useful for creating menus and price lists. 

Step 1

Go to the Editor.

Step 2

Drag the Table element from the menu on the left and drop it in place on your page.

Step 3

Click on the element and click on the Style button on the gray toolbar to customize your table:

  • Formatting: Opt for shaded rows, lines between rows, or a clean layout with no lines or shading.
  • Header on top: Keep this option enabled if your table has a header.

Step 4

To add or remove rows and columns, click on the element and then right-click on the table.

Advanced: Using HTML in tables

 Note: This section requires basic knowledge of HTML.

You can use HTML tags to format text within cells in your table, for example making text bold or creating a hyperlink. Formatting done via HTML will only be visible when the table's editing view is closed (click anywhere outside the element).

For example:

Results in: