The webshop settings page is where you configure anything and everything to do with your webshop - payment and shipping methods, activating the shopping cart, creating coupons, and much more!

To view and/or change your webshop settings, go to the Webshop tab. On this page you'll see the categories Orders, Customers, and Products at the top. The settings categories below that are: Payment methods, Shipping, Tax, Checkout form, Confirmation emails, Coupons, Company details, and Webshop settings.

Don't forget to check out our article about adding products to your webshop.

Payment methods

You can accept both manual and automatic payment methods in your webshop. For automatic payment methods such as credit and debit card and Bancontact, use payment provider Stripe. You can also connect your shop with PayPal. It's also possible to enable manual payment methods such as Pay on pick-upPay by invoicePay on delivery, and Bank transfer. To use the manual payment methods, you do not need a link with a payment provider. 

If you enable payment via bank transfer or by invoice, a text field will appear in which you can provide payment instructions for your customers. You can format this text to emphasize important details and/or include links, for example to a page with more information about the order process.


Choose between basic and advanced shipping methods. You can also set a minimum order amount for free shipping, and activate pick-up/collection options. You can also set a threshold amount from when shipping is free, indicate whether orders can be collected for free, and enable working with collection points.  

Find out more about basic shipping methods and advanced shipping methods.


Your business operations may be subject to Value Added Tax (VAT). On this page, you can activate VAT rates and optionally add multiple rates in order to set VAT rates per product. You can also choose whether to show prices with VAT included or excluded.

Checkout form

This page covers the:

  • Account system: Give your customers the option to create an account on your webshop. You can find more information about this in the article customer accounts for webshop .
  • Form fields: Make form fields - such as Company name, VAT number, Chamber of Commerce number, Gender, Telephone number, and Comments - Optional, Required, or Disabled. You can configure the following fields here: Company name, Tax number, Chamber of Commerce number, Gender, Telephone number, and Remarks.
  • Terms and conditions: Publish a page detailing your webshop's terms and conditions and have customers read and accept these terms before placing an order.
  • Notifications: Display alerts and other notifications for your customers on the order page and order confirmation page. You can also include links here, for example to download a digital product.

Confirmation emails

On the Emails page, you can customize order confirmation and shipping confirmation emails, which are automatically sent to your customers when they place an order and when the order has been shipped. For example, you may opt to include payment instructions in the order confirmation email for customers who select the Bank transfer payment method. 

Order confirmation emails can also be sent with an attached invoice.


Easily create coupons to offer your customers discounts and other promotions - just click on the blue button to get started.

Company details

Enter your company details here. For example, the e-mail address is used to send you an e-mail with new orders and the Sender address is visible on the invoices. You can also upload your company's logo that will automatically be placed on the invoices.

Webshop settings

General settings

  • Activate the shopping cart so your customers can place orders.
  • Set the currency for your webshop, which is set to Euros by default.

Advanced settings

  • Shopping cart always visible: By default, your customers only see the shopping cart once they've added a product. Enable this option to make the cart visible at all times.
  • Product detail pages: Every product has its own detail page by default (can be disabled).
  • Show wishlist: Give your customers the option to add products to a wishlist.
  • Social media buttons: Every product detail page contains social media buttons so your customers can share your products with their friends and followers (can be disabled).
  • Show prices: A price is shown for each product by default (can be disabled).
  • Show order button: Customers can hit the 'order' button on any product in your webshop, unless you disable this - for example if you want to use your shop as a portfolio.
  • Show sold out products: Enable this option to display sold out products in your webshop.
  • VAT reverse charging (for EU businesses): Enable this option to apply 0% VAT to business orders from other EU member states.
  • Next order number: Set the order number or invoice number for the next order placed by a customer. For example, you can use the current year followed by a specific number, e.g. 2021001, 2021002, 2021003, and so on.
  • Note on invoice: Optionally include a note on every invoice, e.g. a VAT exemption or other legally-required text.
  • Minimum order amount: Enable this option to add a minimum order amount for free shipping.
  • Product suggestions: Add products to be displayed as suggestions during the checkout process.
  • Item numbers: Enable this option if you'd like to add item numbers to products and product variants.

Tip: Not sure which shipping method(s) to use? Read about the differences between basic and advanced shipping methods and check out our handy selection guide.