Start your own blog and share updates with your visitors!

Start a blog

Step 1

Go to the Editor

Step 2

Drag the Blog element from the menu on the left and drop it onto the page.

Step 3a

If you're using the Blog element for the first time, we've included a pre-made category with two example posts to help you get started.

Step 3b

Already have a blog on your website? Start by clicking on the Select category button to choose a (new or existing) category.

Step 4

Click on + Post to start writing a new blog post.

Step 5

Add a title and publication date and time to your blog post. Click on Advanced settings to modify the SEO settings and set whether to allow comments. When you're done, click on Add.

Step 6

Just like filling pages with the Editor, you can use elements to fill your blog post with content such as text, images, photo albums, videos, and more.

Tip: If you add an image to your blog post, a preview of the image will be shown in the Blog element.

Step 7

Go back to the Blog element to change the layout of your post. You can choose from Headlines, Paragraph, and Grid. If you opt for a layout that includes an image, the first image in your post will be automatically selected.

 Tip: To set how many blog posts will be shown per page, click on the Blog element, click on Settings in the gray toolbar, then change the Total posts option.

Step 8

Click on the Manage blog button to edit blog posts, change settings, and to duplicate or delete posts.

 Tip: Do you want to maintain the same style for all your blog posts? Simply duplicate your post and edit the content.

 Tip: Easily publish posts in multiple categories by duplicating them.

Replying to comments

You can give your readers the option of commenting on your blog posts. This also means you can reply to comments.

To respond to a reader, click on the Reply icon next to the comment.

SEO settings

If you click on the Blog element and click on the Manage blog button in the gray toolbar, you'll see a number of options (as shown in the second screenshot in Step 8). Click on the settings (gear) icon next to the blog you want to edit to add a Title and Description for your blog(s).

You can also indicate here whether your blog post should be shown in Google search results. This also applies to the internal search function on your website. If you disable this option, the blog post will not be included in search results via Google or the internal search function on your website.

You will also be shown an example of how your blog post will look in Google search results.

Overview of blog posts

If you have multiple blog categories, you can give readers the option of viewing all your posts in all categories at once. This also means you can include an overview of your blog posts on your homepage. To include an all-categories option, place a new Blog element on your website, click on Select category, and select the All posts option.