If you see the notification "Page with redirection" in your Google Search Console report, this means a page with a redirected URL has been found on your website.

This also means Google hasn't indexed the affected page, which can have two possible causes:

  1. Google may have encountered the URL before and is attempting to avoid duplicate results, or
  2. Google has detected errors on the page

Possible causes for the "redirect" notification:

  • You recently upgraded from the free version of Webador to a premium plan. In this case, your free Webador subdomain is redirecting to your new domain name.
  • The URL's redirect chain is too long.
  • The redirect URL is too long.
  • It's a redirect from the HTTP version to the HTTPS version of your website.
  • It's a redirect from https://mywebsite.com to https://www.mywebsite.com
  • The redirect chain's URL is incorrect.


You previously had a page on your website called News, with the URL mywebsite.com/news, but you recently changed the page name to Blog, making the URL mywebsite.com/blog. If you still have a page on your menu called News, with the URL mywebsite.com/news, this can impact internal links. Take care when renaming pages to avoid encountering this notification too often.