As you may know, a standard link usually links to another page on your website or to an external website. Anchor links, however, take you to a specific section of the page you're currently viewing.

While Webador doesn't have a specific element for creating anchor links, you can easily add them using HTML code in the Embed Code element.

Where can I add an anchor link?

Much like regular links, anchor links can be added to text, images, buttons, and more.

Step 1

In the Editor, drag the Embed Code element from the menu on the left and drop it just above or alongside the part of your page you want to link to.

Step 2

Click on the element and click on Customize embed.

Step 3

In the Embed Code dialog, go to the Your HTML tab and enter the following code:

<a id="anchor-name"></a>

Replace 'anchor name' with a name for your link. For example, if you're creating a link to more information about yourself, enter 'About'.

Step 4

Add the text that will lead to the relevant section using a text, image, or button element. Highlight the text and click on the hyperlink (paperclip) icon in the gray toolbar.

Step 5

In the Add link dialog, select Web page and enter /page-name#anchor-name as the URL (where 'anchor-name' is the link name you chose in step 3).

If you want to link to a specific section on another page, enter the full URL of that page before the anchor link name. So, for an About me page, the link will look something like this: or (if linking to a section on the same page) simply /about-me#anchor-name 

 Tip: When adding the link, make sure the Open in new tab option is disabled, otherwise the anchor link will open in a new tab instead of jumping to the relevant part of the page.