All Webador's design templates include a default banner image at the top of the website. You can change the banner by uploading your own image or using one of Webador's free stock photos.

Step 1

Go to the Editor

Step 2

Hover the mouse cursor over the banner image until you see the Edit button, then click on it.

Step 3

On the banner settings menu that opens on the left, click on the + Change image button.

Step 4

In the Choose image dialog, click on Upload to upload your own banner image from your computer, or click on Stock images to select an image from Webador's free library.

Step 5

When you've uploaded or selected the image you want to use, click on Save.

Step 6

You can also make a few other changes via the banner settings menu on the left:

  • Title: Enter header text that will be displayed over the banner image
  • Title and sub-heading: Add a sub-header under header text 
  • Title and button: Enter header text and add a button with a hyperlink to a page on your website
  • Dark background: Add a dark overlay to your banner image to improve the contrast with any headers and/or buttons and make the text more legible
  • Parallax scrolling: Enable this option to make the background image move more slowly when scrolling, creating a 3D effect

Click on Save when you're satisfied with your changes.