Webmail is easy to use - all you need is a computer with an internet connection! Want to use an email client such as Outlook or Gmail instead? No problem!

Step 1: Setting up a mailbox

You must set up a mailbox to be able to use webmail. A Webador Pro or Business plan is required to set up a mailbox.

Step 2: Logging into webmail

To access webmail, log into webmail.webador.com using the email address and password for your mailbox.

 Note: This may be a different email address and password to those you use to log into Webador.

Step 3: Using webmail

You can use webmail to read, send, and forward emails.

 Tip: You can also set up a signature to sign off your emails, and an automatic reply for when you're out of office.

Forgotten your password?

No problem - this article explains how to change your mailbox password!