You can cancel your paid subscription yourself using this online cancellation form. Or you can contact Webador at

Notice period:

Canceling a Lite, Pro or Business plan is subject to a one-month notice period. Subscriptions with annual billing automatically renew every year, while those billed on a monthly basis renew every month.

For example:

  • A plan is purchased on 21 March and the user selects annual billing. This plan can be canceled any time up to 21 February. Any cancellations after that date will take effect the following year.
  • A plan is purchased on 21 March and the user selects monthly billing. If the user cancels their subscription on 1 April, the cancellation will not take effect until May 21 because 1 April does not fall within the cancellation period.

Upon cancellation, we will make the transfer code/token for your domain name available immediately so that you can transfer it elsewhere if desired.

 ⚠ Caution:  Cancellation at Webador is completely free of charge. If you use external parties to do this for you, there is almost always a fee involved.