Have you posted a blog on your website because you want to share your stories? Then you may know that you can divide it into categories. This gives you the ability and freedom to share multiple categories of stories on your website.

For example: if you have a travel blog, and you want to create a separate category for each country, you can choose to create a category for "America". If you also want to create a blog for Canada on your website, you would again add the blog element to your website and choose to create a new category that you then call "Canada." 

Want to delete a category? You can do this for each category and you'll always get a notification that all blog posts from that category, will be deleted. 

"Help, I deleted my blog! Now what?"

It can happen that you accidentally delete your entire blog element, including all the posts belonging to it. But don't panic, because in most cases you can restore your blog, including posts, to your website! 

We'll take you through step-by-step to restore it. 

Step 1:

Drag the Blog element back to the desired location on your website. 

Step 2: 

Because you already had a blog on your website, you'll now get an overview with a number of categories known to your website. 

As you can see in the image below, the system recognizes several categories from your blog. You can also see how many posts that category has, i.e. how many blogs you have posted in it. 

Further you'll see whether a category is active or inactive, because the inactive categories are labeled yellow. 

Step 3: 

By clicking on the deleted category and saving, you put the blog including posts back.


You accidentally deleted the "Home" category with two posts, so then you click on the bullet for "Home" and then on "Save." 

This will put the accidentally deleted blog including blog posts back on your website! 

⚠  Note:  If you've clicked on the red trash can while deleting, then the category including content is completely gone and you cannot retrieve it.