Yes, you can! Maybe you'd like all incoming emails to be sent on to your business partner, or have certain emails forwarded to other teams or departments in your organization. 

To set this up, you'll need to have a Webador Pro or Business plan with a mailbox.

Step 1

Go to and log in with your mailbox email address and password.

⚠ Note: These login credentials may be different to the ones you use to access your Webador account. If you've forgotten your mailbox password, you can always reset it. 

Step 2

In the menu on the left, click on Settings, then select Filters.

Step 3

Click on the Create button to set up a new filter.

Step 4

Customize your filter:

  • Filter name: Choose a name for your filter that describes what it does (e.g. "Don't send emails from X to spam").
  • Filter enabled: Make sure the filter is enabled.
  • Scope: Select matching any of the following rules.
  • Rules: This example case involves a specific Sender, so select From in the first drop-down menu. Type the email address in the text field. Click on the + to add more email addresses.
  • Actions: To redirect the email to another email address, select Redirect message to. If you'd like to keep the email and send a copy to someone else, select Send message copy to.

Here's an example of how your filter might look:

✔  Tip: You can also use this function to make sure important emails never go to spam!