If you're an EU company outside the Netherlands and you want to use our service, we ask for a VAT number so that we can offer you VAT exemption.

It may be that you have a VAT number or a company number but our system doesn't accept it. When this happens, you'll see the error message below.

VAT numbers can be rejected if you aren't subject to VAT or if your VAT number hasn't yet been processed in the European VAT register (this can take a number of weeks following registration). We cannot offer a VAT exemption until your VAT number is accepted.

If your VAT number is rejected, you can check the box next to I don't have a VAT number (yet). We will then issue an invoice with VAT included, in accordance with the law.

If you are subject to VAT in the future, or your VAT number becomes active, you can adjust your billing information.