You can use the Form element to create a mailing list by exporting submissions to a .csv file and then importing them to a mail program such as Mailchimp. However, we recommend adding a mandatory checkbox to comply with privacy laws.

Step 1

Drag the Form element from the menu on the left and drop it on your page. 

Step 2

Click on the blue Edit form button on the gray toolbar and, in the Edit form dialog, remove all fields except Email address.

Step 3

Click on the blue + New field button. In the Name field, enter Newsletter and select Checkbox in the Type drop-down menu. Enable the Required field option to make the checkbox mandatory. 

Step 4

In the Options field, enter I would like to receive the newsletter, then click on Save.

Step 5

In the Editor, click on the Submit form button to edit the button text. Change this to Register. Your form should now look like this:

Step 6

Follow the steps in our article explaining how to export and open form submissions in Excel to export your visitors' names and email addresses to a CSV file

Once you've exported this information, you can import the file into your preferred mail program to create a mailing list.