To protect the privacy of your visitors, customers, and email contacts when using Webador, avoid storing more data than necessary. Below are some tips on protecting personal data.

  • Forms

Any forms (e.g. contact forms) placed on your website will collect and store personal data. We recommend deleting these records periodically, unless you still need them. In our Editor, you can view and delete submissions for any forms you've used. You will also receive this information in your email. 

You can also choose to add a checkbox, for example to request permission to send commercial emails.

  • Comment forms

If you use comment forms on your website, make sure you provide visitors with the option of deleting their comment(s).

  • Online store orders

You may want to store online orders for the maximum legal retention period depending on your country's rules. We recommend storing at least all outgoing invoices. You can, of course, delete these records earlier if desired. Incomplete orders should also be periodically deleted to avoid storing data unnecessarily.

  • Mailboxes

If your emails contain any personal data, we recommend deleting these periodically.

  • Cookies and advertisements

If you're using Webador's free service, advertisements on your website will place cookies on your visitors' computers. Cookies help us optimize and personalize the advertisements we display. 

There are no advertisements placed on websites made with Webador's Pro and Business plans. We also make sure Google Analytics uses anonymous IP addresses to maintain privacy.

  • Secure HTTPS connection

Our paid plans include a secure HTTPS connection (with SSL certificate) and DNSSEC for your domain name. This security certificate ensures the safety of all traffic on your website, which is especially important if you use forms or run an online store.