Not sure which template to start with? This article provides more information about the different options available with each template, so you can find the best one for your needs.

Template properties

Templates with a full-width banner

Modern, Business, Gadget, Professional, Fjord, Beauty salon, Barber, Skyline, Explorer, Countdown, Traveling, Photography, Dark, Fresh, Flora, Concert, Books, Poisson, Creativ, Norsk, Burger, Pure Spa, Gourmet, Pink, Glow, Italiano, Bold, Suit, Spacious, Skew, and Plant

Templates without a full-width banner

Blank, Clean, Minimal, Beautiq, Portfolio, Cupcake, Dog, Treetops, Office, Leaf, Health, Shades, Soccer, Manicure, Autumn, Massage parlor, Wild Pixel, Lunch, and Furniture

Templates with a fixed menu (scrolls with the page)

Professional, Fjord, Beauty salon, Barber, Countdown, Photography, Dark, Concert, Creativ, Health, Burger, Glow, Shades, Wild Pixel, Pink, Norsk, Bold, Suit, and Spacious

Templates with an image background

Cupcake, Office, Soccer, and Lunch

Templates with customizable width (content section)

Flora, Blank, Business, Modern, Clean, Gadget, Minimal, Bold, Fjord, Furniture, Barber, Skyline, Treetops, Countdown, Books, Suit, Concert, Dark, Pink, Poisson, Pure Spa, Burger, and Glow

Banner properties

Banner image scales in height

Business, Modern, Gadget, Fjord, Barber, Skyline, Countdown, Dark, Flora, Concert, Burger, Gourmet, Pink, Glow, Bold, Suit, and Spacious

Banner image scales in width

Minimal, Blank, Clean, Professional, Beauty salon, Beautiq, Traveling, Photography, Portfolio, Fresh, Cupcake, Dog, Treetops, Office, Books, Poisson, Creativ, Leaf, Health, Norsk, Pure Spa, Soccer, Shades, Manicure, Autumn, Massage parlour, Wild Pixel, Lunch, Italiano, and Furniture

Menu position

Logo and menu on one line

Business, Gadget, Professional, Fjord, Beauty salon, Barber, Countdown, Explorer, Photography, Dark, Concert, Poisson, Creativ, Health, Norsk, Burger, Pure Spa, Gourmet, Pink, Glow, Shades, Manicure, Wild Pixel, Italiano, Bold, Suit, and Spacious

Logo, menu, and then banner

Blanco, Clean, Minimal, Traveling, Fresh, Dog, Cupcake, Treetops, Office, Books, Soccer, Lunch, and Furniture

Logo, banner, and then menu

Modern, Beautiq, Skyline, Flora, Autumn, and Massage parlor

Logo and menu on the left (banner on the right)

Portfolio and Leaf


Footer and content section are the same color

Minimal, Clean, Treetops, Books, Soccer, and Shades

Footer can be a different color to content section

Blank, Business, Modern, Gadget, Professional, Fjord, Beauty salon, Beautiq, Barber, Skyline, Countdown, Traveling, Portfolio, Photography, Dark, Fresh, Dog, Flora, Office, Concert, Poisson, Creativ, Leaf, Norsk, Health, Burger, Pure Spa, Pink, Glow, Manicure, Autumn, Massage parlor, Wild Pixel, Lunch, Italiano, Bold, Furniture, Suit, and Spacious

Footer takes the background color

Explorer, Cupcake, and Gourmet

Similar templates

The Blank, Clean, Minimal, Treetops, Traveling, and Fresh templates share similarities.


  • With Blank, Clean, and Treetops, the banner is the same width as the content section
  • Minimal has a colored background at the top
  • Traveling and Fresh have full-width banners
  • With Blank, Traveling, and Fresh, a different color can be selected for the footer
  • With Clean, Minimal, and Treetops, the footer is the same color as the background

The Beauty salon and Photography templates share similarities.


  • Beauty salon has a colored bar between the banner and the content section
  • With Photography, there are small lines under headers

The Wild Pixel, Health, and Shades templates share similarities.


  • With Wild Pixel and health a different color can be selected for the footer
  • With Shades, only a background color can be set (the rest of the template will be colored accordingly)
  • With Health, a background image can be uploaded

The Lunch, Soccer, Dog, and Office templates share similarities.


  • Lunch and Dog have full-width footers which take on the background color
  • With Soccer, the footer is an extension of the content section
  • Office has a full-width footer with its own color
  • With Lunch, Soccer, and Office, a background image can be uploaded

The Skyline, Modern, and Flora templates share similarities.


  • With Skyline, the menu color can be changed

Other designs with similarities:

  • Beautiq, Autumn, and Massage parlor
  • Portfolio and Leaf

Logo size

Logo can be made bigger

Blank, Minimal, Professional, Furniture, Bold, Beauty salon, Clean, Barber, Treetops, Fjord, Beautiq, Portfolio, Countdown, Books, Cupcake, Dark, Traveling, Dog, Office, Photography, Concert, Health, Poisson, Calm, Pink, Fresh, Norsk, Creativ, Suit, Burger, Lunch, Leaf, Soccer, Pure Spa, Glow, Authentic, Shades, Manicure, Massage parlor, Autumn, Italiano, Wild Pixel, Bistro

Logo can be made slightly bigger

Leaf, Portfolio

Logo cannot be made bigger

Business, Explorer, Modern, Skyline, Gadget, Gourmet, Flora, Spacious