Besides products, you can also offer gift cards in your webshop. Customers can redeem these later or give them to others as a gift. Offering gift cards guarantees new and/or returning customers!

Step 1: Create a product

Add a product to your webshop:

  • Enter a name such as "gift card" or "voucher"
  • Use an image of a gift card (use a free stock photo if you don't have a suitable image)

 Tip: Use product variants to offer a range of values ($10, $25, etc.) for gift cards.

The product detail page should look something like this:

Step 2: Create a discount coupon

When a customer orders a gift card from your webshop, you'll want to send it either digitally or by post. Create a coupon for this:

  • Discount type: Fixed amount discount on total amount
  • Criteria: All orders
  • Enable the Can only be used once option

 Note: Create a unique coupon for each gift card you create.