Your logo is an important element of your business and, used effectively, one of your best marketing tools. A well-designed logo serves as a visual representation of your brand identity and sets you apart from the competition, so new and returning customers can easily recognize your brand.

The way your logo is displayed can vary depending on the design you select. This article explains how to optimize that display.

1. Remove excess white space around the logo

When you upload your logo, you may find it displays smaller than you'd like. This is often due to unnecessary white space surrounding the logo, and it will look even smaller when viewed on mobile. 

Step 1

After uploading your logo, click on the Edit icon.

Step 2

Use the Crop tool to remove as much excess white space as possible.

 Note: It's especially important to remove white space above and below the logo. Removing white space only from the sides will have no effect.

Step 3

When you're done cropping, click on Apply and Save.

Step 4

Use the arrows to resize the logo to your preference.

2. Logo per design

The way your logo appears varies per design. If you choose a design in which the logo is placed on the menu bar, we recommend making the logo horizontal for optimal display. This will also optimize the display on mobile.


A logo with parts placed one above the other:

Mobile view:

A logo with parts alongside each other:

Mobile view:

3. Avoid thin lines and use contrasting colors

Thin lines and fonts are often hard to see, and will be even less legible on mobile due to the smaller display. Use bold lines and a clearly legible font to make your logo stand out.


Thin lines:

Thick lines:

Using contrasting colors also helps your logo stand out more. If your website has a dark background, a light-colored logo creates contrast.


Without color contrast:

With color contrast:

4. Use a high-quality logo

Webador automatically optimizes images uploaded for the web, which can degrade the image quality, so it's important to upload your logo in the highest possible quality. We recommend 'print quality'.

A PNG image is the best option for a logo, as it uses a transparent background and is of higher quality than other file types, such as JPEG.

These are our tips to optimize the display of your logo. The logo can always be changed.

Good luck creating and adding your logo!