One domain name is included with every Webador plan. Pro and Business users also have the option of purchasing additional domain names, which can easily be registered via the My subscription page.

While you can have multiple domain names that lead to one website, there is always only one active domain. This domain name is shown in the browser when visitors access your website. All other domains refer to the active domain.

If you want two separate websites, each with its own domain name, you will have to purchase two separate subscriptions.

 Tip: You can change the active domain name yourself.

Changing a domain name

An extra domain name can come in handy if you decide to change your company name, for example. Existing domain names cannot be changed, but you can purchase an additional domain. Both domain names will link to your website. So, while you get your new domain out there, any visitors still using your old domain will also be taken to your website. This means your visitors have time to get used to the new domain, and you don't lose any traffic.

Once your new domain name is online and your visitors are familiar with it, we can remove your old domain for you. However, we recommend keeping old domains as your visitors may have bookmarks referring to it.

Your website content

When you purchase an additional domain name, your website content is unaffected. None of your content will be changed in any way. Both your domain names link to your one website, so you don't have to worry about transferring your content.