Once you have registered your domain name and created a mailbox,  you will be able to configure your mail in your favorite program.

This article explains how to set up your email in the Gmail app on your Android device. Also, find out how to set up your mailbox in the Gmail App in your iOS device or how to configure your mailbox in your favorite mail program..

If what you see on your device is different to the screenshots in this article, you may be using a different version of the app. Try the configuration using the general email settings.

Step 1 

Open the Gmail app and, in the menu, scroll down and tap on Settings

Step 2 

Tap on Add account and select Other

Step 3a 

Enter the email address of your mailbox and tap on Next

Step 3b 

Select Personal (IMAP) and tap on Next.

Step 3c 

Enter the mailbox password and tap on Next.

: The password is your mailbox password, not the password you use to log into Webador. If you've forgotten your mailbox password, you can always reset it.

Step 4 

Change the server to mail.webador.com (NOT your domain name!) and tap on Next.

Step 5 

Enter the information again and tap on Next to finish setting up your mailbox.