If you add an extra language to your website, we'll automatically change all system texts for languages Webador supports. System texts include standard buttons such as 'send' and error messages. 

Once this is done, translating the rest of your website and content is up to you. Read on to learn more.

Logo and title

In most cases, your logo and title will be the same on your original website and any foreign language versions. So, make sure you opt for something that works in both or all languages!


Banners don't automatically distinguish between languages, which means you'll have to set up any banners on your foreign language website yourself.

Step 1

On your foreign language website, go to the Editor. Hover the mouse cursor over the banner image until you see the Edit button, then click on it.

Step 2

By default, the banner is set to As default, which means it automatically repeats on every page. To translate a banner on a foreign language website, change this setting to On this page.

 Note: The banner will have to be translated for every page individually.


Like banners, footers do not distinguish between languages. This means you'll have to un-pin your footer so you can translate it on each page on your foreign language website.

Step 1

On your foreign language website, go to the Editor.

Step 2

Click on one of the elements in your footer and click on the pin button. The button should turn from yellow to white, which means the element is no longer repeated on every page. Do this for every element in the footer.

Step 3

Once you've unpinned every element in the footer, you can translate the text.

Blog posts

If you have a blog on your website, you may also want to feature a translated version on your foreign language website.

Step 1

Place a Blog element on a page on your foreign language website. Give it a new category, for example your original blog name translated into the new language.

Step 2

On your original website, click on the Blog element, then click on the blue Manage blog button.

Step 3

Click on the Duplicate button next to the first blog post you want to translate and select the category you created in step 1 from the drop-down menu. Repeat this for every post you want to translate.

Step 4

Now all you have to do is translate your blog posts!