Webador Pro and Business users have the option of creating a multilingual website. Purchasing an extra language for just €5 per month also gets you an extra domain name. 

This feature is unavailable for webshops, so we recommend creating a separate website for each language.

Step 1

Click on the Webador logo in the top left corner of the Editor.

Step 2

On the My sites page, click on My subscription.

Step 3

Under Multilingual website, click on + Add language.

Step 4

Choose the desired language and the web address you want to publish

  • Domain name: e.g. yourcompany.com (English) or yourcompany.de (German).
  • Subdomain (of your current domain name): e.g. de.yourcompany.eu (German) if your current domain is www.yourcompany.eu.

The costs for this extra domain name are included in the price when you purchase an extra language.

Step 5

Click on Add to add your new language and register your new domain name. 

 Note: Domain name registration can take up to several hours.