Once a customer has placed an order in your webshop, the order process goes through a number of steps, as explained in this article. The order process is complete once the order has been shipped to the customer.

Step 1

When a customer places an order via your webshop, they'll receive a confirmation email. You'll also receive a copy of this email.

Step 2

Click on the Webshop tab to see an overview of orders placed by your customers. Here you will find an overview of the Orders. This overview includes details such as the order status, customer name, and the date the order was placed.

 Tip: Looking for orders with a specific status and/or from a certain period? Use the filters next to the search bar to search.

Step 3

Click on an order to see further details, e.g. the product(s) the customer ordered. You can see who has ordered and what exactly. By clicking on show contact details you can see which address the order should be sent to. You can add notes to orders at the bottom of the Edit order dialog.

Step 4

In the Edit order dialog, you can also change the status of an order:

  • Canceled: Assign this status if the customer wants to cancel their order or has not paid for it. When you cancel an order, the reservation from stock will also be canceled.
  • Paid: Once the customer has paid, you can change the order status to reflect this. The product can then be shipped to the customer. With automatic payment methods, the order status will automatically update to Paid.
  • Pending: If the payment has not yet been processed, the order is 'pending'. When payment is received, the order status can be changed to Paid.
  • Shipped: When the order has been shipped to the customer, you can change the order status to reflect this. The customer will automatically receive a shipping confirmation email.
  • Picked up: You can use this status when an order has been picked up by the customer. The customer will not receive a shipping confirmation.
  • Returned: If a customer returns a product for any reason, you can use this status to reflect that.

 Tip: If you want to change the status of multiple orders at the same time to the same status, select these orders using the check box for the order.

Step 5

You can also print the invoice and shipping/packing label. To do this, click firstly on the relevant order, then click on Print and select InvoicePacking slip, or Shipping label.

 Tip: Make it easier for your customers to place orders by giving them the option of creating an account on your webshop.